There’s something appealing about a blank canvas. Neutral tones and a simplistic backdrop for life.  The minimalist aesthetic.  It’s clean.  It’s idealistic.

If one surrounds themselves with neutral colored home furnishings and neutral colored clothes, it allows life’s colors to be introduced through experiences, feelings, and lavish cuisines. It’s a nice way to live- in black and white, the color within.  Then you are in control of what colors you live your life in.  I think that’s why the minimalist aesthetic appeals to so many people.  

It’s as close to fictional as a person can live.  Because life doesn’t let you choose what colors you live in.  Have you ever seen a painter’s pallet after they’ve finished their masterpiece?  It’s chaotic.  Every shade from every area of the color wheel mingling on the pallet.  Colors that should never be near each other are mixed and muddled.  That’s what life is.  And we’re just thrown on the pallet with all of the othe-

I’m not articulating this the way it needs to be articulated.  

I honestly don’t-

I can’t-

I’ll just stop here. 

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