I’ve had to talk to some people (in a journalistic/reporter context) recently, and I’ve realized a few things.  

  1. I actually enjoy interviewing people and writing stories.  It’s just the set-up process that I hate.  And the initial getting-started-on-the-story part.  Maybe I’ll actually grow to like journalism?(….TBD).  I’d say it’s getting more likely that I’ll actually be able to enjoy what I’m studying to become.  Right now could just be tough times that’ll pass…
  2. I’m most interested in learning why a person got where they are today, rather than specifically what they’re doing today.  I like the Personhood of happenings more than the happenings themselves.  (*More on this topic in a future post.)
  3. The best kind of success stories are the ones where people abandon an unsatisfying career/life choice to take up something that brings happiness and meaning to their life.  

It’s usually something simpler, like abandoning some corporate office job to make granola and sell it at a local farmers market.  It’s usually riskier, like abandoning a steady income and financial security for the dream of starting a business from the ground up.  But it’s centering. And it’s reacquainting people with what matters to them so that they could improve and enrich their lives.

I interviewed a local coffee shop owner in the city I live and asked her what inspired her to start the business.  

She told me, “I really enjoy coffee and tea, and-” She paused before adding, “I was kinda at a point where I was just unhappy in my job and needed to evaluate what made me happy.  And I liked being behind the counter and getting to talk with people and nerd out a little bit on making them the best beverage possible.”   

Two days earlier I interviewed a general manager at a hydroponics and gardening supplies store.  He had only lived in the city for a year, and when I asked him what made him move and join the hydroponics and gardening industry he responded with:

“I hated the corporate life.” He went on to say that he wanted to make a greater impact with a new focus. “I think that anybody in this industry, that is going into a store, is not only looking for good products but also good knowledge, and I appreciate teaching,” he said.  

These stories just make me so happy! For a simple reason-

So often we’re told what is expected  of us in life and what a “quality” career and life looks like.  But that cookie-cutter standard isn’t always what’s best for people. And it’s so easy to forget that we can still do anything!  No matter our age- no matter how simple or unconventional- we can make our lives be our lives!  Honestly-

we can do whatever the fuck makes us happy.  Just think about that! 

And I think an important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to make a ton of money to be “successful.”  Success is simply finding out what adds meaning and joy to your life and then just maximizing that meaning and that joy.  

        4. I think I’m going to be okay.  

I think we’re all going to be okay.

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